TS Playground Promo Code

TS Playground Promo Code

I remember back in the days when I was visiting my cousin’s house in the uptown area. It was a peaceful, quiet place where the silence can make you appreciate the birds chirping as they perch by the thin tree branches. But there was a time there that I could never forget, a time when the virginity of my head was finally compromised and it relates to TS Playground.

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My cousin Darwin told me about the magazines he stashed, showing it off to me at their yard when Aunt Loraine and Uncle Dave was out to do some shopping. And that was the first time I had an erection out of voyeurism. My purity was undermined but hell who cares, it was a wonderful feeling and TS Playground keeps reminding me of that magnificent bright, sunny, sexy day.

What’s In TS Playground to Love?

There are many stuff to love in TS Playground. First of all, the videos are not just done impetuously. The directors didn’t just let the actors lay on each in bed. The script is fairly rich in effective drama, the actors are seemingly in full awareness of what they do as though they have been through a workshop, and the way the men and women in the videos do sex seem so natural. Simply put, everybody in the set is playful enough, natural like kids on a playground.

The Contents

Currently, the site boats 192 high quality 30-minute videos that you will definitely look out for other episodes of. The staff members by the way are still planning the proceeding episodes of their highest hits today, especially the ones starred by the kinky Mandy Mitchell and Dustin Reeves. If you love sexy pictures, they have thousands for you to stare at for all you want. The videos and the other contents of the site are totally downloadable in different quality settings.

In a scale of 1 to 10. I give TS Playground 10. There’s no such thing as perfect. But then again, this site has proven itself an exception, which is why it gets a perfect score. And by the way, 30 dollars is all you need for a full month subscription. Enjoy!