Dancing Bear Discount

Dancing Bear Discount

Have you ever wondered what happens at those all girl parties where they get drunk and have perhaps hired a male stripper? I have heard chicks can be a hundred times worse than men when it comes to leering and cheering and tucking dollar bills in those lucky male dancers thongs. What happens though when they are drunk and get totally out of hand egging each other on for more fun?

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It is all revealed at Dancing Bear, as here you will see groups of drunk and hot chicks getting banged, licked and fucked in a bid to get their horny excitement in check. One girl gets fucked doggy style while her friends clap and watch and the girl in question is loving it and screaming in pleasure. Other hot females panting with desire get to suck the Dancing Bears hard cock during a performance and the relief on her face is a real picture. Who knew women got so out of control and turned on?

The Dancing Bear is an entertainer solely for female gatherings which can include birthday parties, sorority parties and the like. Once he winds up the already excitable crowd the fun begins. If you enjoy amateur and hardcore with unpredictable content this is definitely a site you need to take a look at. The party starts off quite calmly, but then how calm are ladies when they are out in a group? They do tend to cheer each other on and who knows what will happen next. Personally I do enjoy reality sex as it is more real and gets my juices flowing.

At least I know the action is not an act and the characters are really having orgasms as opposed to fake ones. There is something quite horny and hot about a shy girl being licked out in front of her friends. Also, the groups are not small they have around 50-100 other horny chicks in the crowd. So who knows what could happen? I know I have a dancing bear discount available so you will know soon.

Each scene lasts about 45 minutes, which is quite nice since there is a natural and not staged build up to the action. So, the anticipation can get almost unbearable. There is download option and streaming as well and most of the content is HD. This is something I would call a little different, a little off-the-wall. Which is a nice refreshing change from porn stars and models and all the staged scenes you see from other sites. However, it will either appeal to you or not. Personally this site for me is a keeper.