College Rules Discount

College Rules Discount

How were your days in college? I know mine were pretty much centered around studying and getting drunk on a weekend and looking for some hot sex with a female co-ed. I must have been a bit of a nerd at college since I certainly didn’t get much when I was there, but admittedly I did get to join in on a threesome once.

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It was a drunk affair and in order to get some Dutch courage I kind of went overboard and don’t really remember much. I do recall walking past the two cute little blonds I had shared my body fluids with for months afterward and feeling quite shame faced due to my feeble lack of performance. Looking back now of course this is what makes college fun such a learning curve.

I once walked into a room and caught two chicks in bed together French kissing. The covers were pulled over them so I didn’t get to see much. Thank goodness for college rules discount the lux got, this is a little like walking back in time, but better equipped. Almost like a second chance since this time I am not too drunk and the girls kissing are naked and free and letting me watch.

College Rules is a collection of videos and photographs centered around the fun college goers have unashamedly and we get to watch. From the moment you open the site the memories coming flooding back. It even has a chalkboard asking if you want to enter. The girls are exactly like college girls, they do not look like models or actors and they get up to the very same things college students do yet this time its all clear and in HD streaming so there are no nerves and failed attempts from people like me from the nerdy sector.

The videos are submitted by college students so the updates might be a little slower. Obviously they are waiting for the next submissions. They also seem to be picky when it comes to content so that we get to watch the best stuff. There is a prize too for the best video submissions which is quite high. If you enjoy thinking back to those days and dig college girls you will really love this site. You get a bit of everything group sex, blow jobs, lesbian and some great scenes of girls in groups naked. Like the shower scene where they are all bending over with those pretty little colleges asses in the air. This has to be heaven!