Buttman Promo Code

Buttman Promo Code

One of the biggest desires of a man is to honk a busty woman’s ass. How do I know? I’ve been there, dude, and I’ve done a couple things that affirmed the satisfaction a man could get from making his fantasies a reality. So, if you’re one of those dudes who has an inexplicable love to women’s asses more than their tits and angelic faces, Buttman should be the way to go.

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This is a silly thing to say, but when I first read the name of the site, I was humored and with great intent did want to go beyond the scope of the name itself. I thought “Maybe, it’s a pun. You know, like a site focused on booties and Batman drilling it up.” The first idea was on the point, while the Batman was far way out of the context. For one, the site is definitely concentrated with videos focusing sexy women’s asses. Two, there was nothing Batman-ish about the site, because there was no gloomy aura of some sort in any of the videos. As a matter of fact, you will be joyed with Buttman’s contents, because they are lovely, sexy and wait for it, funny.

The Gallery

As a part of the Evil Angel Network, and as one of John Stagliano’s finest porn site creations, Buttman contains 781 videos and 316 picture albums. The site continues to grow in the quantity of its media files and in the next month, members can expect a new wave of butt-focused videos and photos that have gone through meticulous porn standards by the network. Another thing worth mentioning is that the site specializes in videos that run for 30 minutes onward, which means you can expect a nice flow for every story, awesome characters and adrenaline-inducing butt sex action.

If you love to watch porn on the go, you can opt to downloading any of the videos as well as the picture sets. And as far as downloading goes, you can choose the kind of quality that you think best fits the compatibility of your device. All that and more for only 30 bucks a month from Buttman.